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Online Bingo

The digital world has finally caught up with my desires! No, I'm not talking about porn, I'm talking about the wonderful explosion of online bingo! It used to be next to impossible to log on and find another bingo fan, much less an entire population of fans, tons of games, endless information and fun! But has anybody looked at whether this is a good thing, a bad thing, or an in-between thing? Bingo is usually a communal game, where friends get together on a somewhat regular basis. This social aspect of the game has been inherent for as long as bingo has existed, that is, until online bingo sprang into existence. Bingo is, for the first time, playable on your own. You don't need a friend to go with, you don't even need to go anywhere!

Obviously there are two sides to this. If you're a bingo lover, you can grab a game online whenever you don't have much else to do; sounds good right? But what if the online communities were to dig into the land based properties. Does anybody out there know if bingo halls have felt any effect at this point in time? I find it unlikely that much of an impact has been made yet, but it's early on in online bingo's life. There are some huge Internet bingo games that take place, with thousands of people participating. Does this not mean that there are that many thousand less bingo players leaving for a parlor with their friends? In a sense it does, but what you must also consider is the fact that the Internet players are spread out over a long distance. This means that if you were to take any one bingo hall in particular and measure the effect of the online tournament on it's bottom line, you wouldn't see much, as at most only a handful of players in the online tournament would have gone to that hall anyway! So although you can look cumulatively and see a significant effect of online bingo on the pre-established land based games, it is hard to blame it for any bingo hall going under.

Is there more to the story though? There kind of is, as a good number of the land based bingo games that take place are for church fundraising efforts, or other non-profit organizations. Online bingo on the other hand, requires a team of programmers, web designers, hosting and bandwidth issues, and many other costly issues to take care of. In this sense any online bingo site is usually for-profit. Any influence that online bingo may make on land-based ventures in the future may very well be argued as a negative occurrence.

But as I said earlier in this piece, the ease and convenience of being able to find and play a game instantly for bingo lovers can be a huge blessing. As you're probably aware, a good portion of bingo players are part of our elderly population, and as such can often have a harder time hopping around from house to bingo hall to house etc. Online bingo represents an easy and fun way to avoid the difficulties in getting to the bingo hall on a Friday night.

There are also many people who love bingo, and would love to go to their local bingo hall to play, but can't because of the atmosphere. Loads of land based bingo halls are filled with smokers, and even if you're not one yourself, chances are you'll take in a good lungful or ten over the course of a night. Many modern bingo halls have separate rooms or separate games for non-smokers, but this just breaks up the pot and makes the prizes smaller. The issue of smoking in public schools and churches (where many bingo games are held) has become a legal debate of sorts for New York state. So online bingo becomes a haven once again, now for people who like to play without smoke, cigars, clothes, whatever! I'm obviously all for it, and play online bingo almost as much as I do at the club!
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